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Epic Maasai Mara Safari - With some scary close encounters with wild animals.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Going for a safari weekend away has always been something I simply left to rich tourists and retirees. It was a great surprise to discover how accessible it is and secondly how thrilling going on a safari is.

Late 2020 while in Kenya I took the time to visit one of the most renowned Safaris in Africa. I visited the Maasai Mara !

This memorable 3 day safari kicked off with a 6 hour drive that included a pit stop at the breath taking 'Great Rift Valley". We arrived at our camp and didn't waste much time got ready for the first safari drive where we were welcomed to the Maasai Mara with by the majestic Maasai Giraffes. This was clearly a sign of the great things to come as we were fortunate enough to get with in spitting distance of some of planet earths most spectacular animals. We chilled out with a pride of lions, took a walk with a bull elephant and had a picnic in the neighbouring country's Serengeti nature reserve.

Check out the full video of this epic Safari Adventure.

This is only part 1 of an epic weekend. Part 2 we will travel into an authentic Maasai tribe and see how they live. Please subscribe and click on the notification bell to get notified of when the second part gets released as well as future videos.

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