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Governments Finally Allow Travel Despite Closed Boarders

One of the more unspoken soul crushing consequences of this global pandemic is that of lovers separated across the globe with no options to be reunited as countries scrambled to close their boarders. This has been an issue that has effected hundreds and thousands of couples around the world but did you know more and more countries are now giving love a chance and amending polices to allow couples to be reunited?

My story is that of a lover separated and unable to see their partner as she lives in different country (Germany) which had locked its boarders to 3rd countries. It seemed hopeless till I stumbled across an article from Love is not tourism and learned that not only are we not alone in this but that some governments around the world are making exceptions to allow non married long term couples to travel despite the boarder closures. This would include 3rd countries not listed on the "green" list in some cases.

When Germany announced that they would recognise this legislation and allow non married couples from 3rd Countries to enter their boarders from the 10th August 2020 I was amongst the first to seize the opportunity and book my flight ticket to be reunited with my partner after 7months apart.

As an unmarried couple looking to be reunited I had to gather the following documents to be admitted into Germany under this "Sweet Heart Visa"

  • Declaration Letter of our relationship signed by both her and I

  • Invitation letter from the partner residing in Germany

  • Proof of our relationship in the form of passport stamps/air plane tickets stating that i had been to Germany previously to see her.

  • I had to take Covid 19 test or agree to be quarantined for 14 days on arrival.

Traveling to Germany was by no means smooth sailing with the Kenyan airport officials refusing to allow me to board the plane as they were not aware of this legislations. They held me to the side and insisted on confirmation from the German Embassy of the legitimacy of my entry into the country. A tense airport stand off ensued until finally the thumbs up was given and I was permitted to board and travel to Berlin Germany where my girlfriend stood waiting for me in tears of relief and joy.

See full video of all the challenges I had to overcome to see her smile again

Covid 19 has certainly taken a-lot from the world, jobs, friends and loved ones and lively hoods to name a few. It is surely a glimpse of light in the darkness and to see the same faceless governments who at times have been seen to fumble this crisis taking a very human priority and pushing it to the forefront.

There are still many countries that have their boarders closed so please check out the #loveisnottourism and #loveisessentual movement and sign the petitions for your country.

This is a mental health issue as well and deserves to be highlighted. Visit Love is not tourism for more information.

Tumi Mothei


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