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They May Drink Cows Blood But They Have Lots We Can learn From Them.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This big rock we have landed on is teaming with fascinating people and cultures. Different view point and different perspectives. It can be said that there is something to be learned from each of these cultures if you are willing to listen and learn.

So thats what we did! While on a 3 day Maasai Mara safari, my girlfriend Anne and I were offered the opportunity to visit and interact with a local Maasai tribe. We were quick to seize the opportunity and were quickly taken on a walking safari by a real Maasai tribesman.

During this walk our guide shared so much amazing information about the way the Maasai people live off the land and how they share all their possessions. It was inspiring to see the unwavering appreciation for life that they have.

After a warm welcome from the villagers we were invited inside to explore their homes deeper and we learned interesting facts like they move their entire village every 9 years due to a little termite issues.

Check out the full video and see and learn about these amazing people

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