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How To Build A YouTube Studio In 3 Easy Steps

You don't always need Hollywood budgets to get a great YouTube set up. Getting a clean , functional and visually striking Youtube Studio is simpler, and more affordable, than most would think. In my new video we explore 3 simple steps for getting that professional Youtube look that all the pros have.

We zone in on the background, lighting set up and camera settings and discover how these 3 elements can completely transform the standards of your videos instantly.

Back Ground Tips: " You want to make sure you have non cluttered, non distracting but still visually attractive back ground. "

Lighting Tips: You can use your cellphone light and put it behind objects in the back ground to add some additional lighting and make the object "POP"

Camara Setting Tips: You can leave your camera white balance in Auto White balance especially for a talking head sequence where the lights are not changing and you have your lights dialled in.

Check out the latest videos and see how I transform my messy bedroom into a beautiful pro looking YouTube Studio

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Devan Lowery
Devan Lowery
27. Jan. 2021

Dude this is all so slick, the site, the seperate platforms, and really dig your animated logo. Awesome work man, looking forward to going through your content, upload the old 7 monkey fury stuff here!

Gefällt mir
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