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So You Think You Can Dance Video

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

While I, admittedly, am still in the seedling stages of my filmmaking journey, my vision and ideas usually far over reach my current talent level. My ambitions to create content often see me TRYING some odd things. This is how I found myself on an empty roof top parking lot in Cologne Germany, preparing myself to film a dance video.

I wasn't alone on this rooftop however. Anne Angermann, choreographer, dancer, gymnast and certainly my better half, would be the talent for the shoot. She stood patiently in the cold as I attempted to set up my gear.

The gear that my cold hands were fumbling with was my DJI Ronin SC2 gimbal. Newly unboxed and on its maiden shoot. This epic gimbal was promised by youtube to take my videography "to the next level " so I was excited to see what it could do. BUT I would have to learn how to use it first.

We were really blessed that evening with an amazing location and sun set. The frosty clouds textured a ruby sky which was draped against a beautiful glass building in the background.

The shoot did have its moments of stress though. I was constantly trying to understand and learn how to use the gimbal. The pressure mounted as the temperature rapidly dropped all the while I was attempting to direct the talent to do it again and again and ..... again. It seemed every take I would fumble over myself ,miss focus here or mess up the framing there. It was all quite a challenge .

After what felt like 100 takes it finally started to click. I started finding pockets of epic shots. A half decent reveal parallax shot, a not so horrible push in shot, it all started to slowly come together. Unfortunately It was all too good to last because it was right then when a security guard appeared from nowhere and asked us to leave the space. So that was that and it was a wrap.

I really did enjoy the process and it was really fun filming Anne while she danced. It was very plain to see the passion she has for dancing and it translated very easily on screen. Her talent shone through and while she was on point every take, I was definitely playing catch up. The gear can not be faulted for my shortcomings in the talent department but it has to be said that the footage was super smooth and quite scenamatic. Perhaps a full gear review from an amatures perspective is in order?

What do you think of the final shots. Have you ever used a Ronin RSC2 gimbal ? Let me know in the comments section and please consider following us/ subscribing the our channels for me.

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